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I will list just two (2) faucets based on the facts below

  • They are legit
  • They pay more than any other faucet.
  • Their payment confirmation is almost instant. Does not take more than 10 minutes to be confirmed.
  • They have lots of bonuses and ways to earn more bitcoin with ease.
  • They have over 2 million users.

These bitcoin faucets are;

Facts about these bitcoin faucets

1) Free bitcoin
Website name:
Free bitcoin is the most rated bitcoin faucet currently. It has lots of features users may engage in to maximize their bitcoin earnings. These features are;

Free BTC: Here you will have to press roll button (i.e. dice kind of) at an interval of one hour to earn bitcoins depending on the amount you rolled. If you are lucky, you may hit 10000 which is the highest number with the highest bitcoin value equivalent to $200 (i.e. at the time of this post). Remember that each time you roll, you also get 2 free tickets with which you can participate in a weekly lottery draw.

Multiply BTC: Here you engage in a HI-LO (betting) game to maximize your earnings. Good for those who love gambling. Well, I will not advise anyone to go for it. The risk of losing out is high. From programming sense of view, I must tell you that the program is a well-designed algorithm written to favour the site more than it favours its users. We all know that no company will come up with a business strategy which will not favour them else they will fold or go bankrupt. So in my candid advice, stay away from it. Well, if you are a gambler, you may give it a try with small deposit though. 

50% referral bonus: This site has the best referral system. You get 50% commission on free bitcoins won by your referred users, 1 free lottery ticket and 2 reward points for every Free BTC roll they play. You also get 0.25% commission on all bitcoins that your referred users wager in MULTIPLY BTC HI-LO game, regardless of whether they win or lose. Is that not amusing?

Weekly Lottery: Here you can use tickets you acquired from Free BTC roll and those from Free BTC roll played by your referred users to enter into a weekly lottery draw where 10 users will emerge winners after each draw and be rewarded handsomely. The more the number of your tickets, the higher your chances of winning.

Reward: This is a feature added to help you encourage your referred users to stay active on the site. This encouragement can be any amount of bitcoin of your choice from you to them. A very nice feature, because you earn more when your referred users are active on the site. So encourage them with rewards.

So there’s lots of nice and easy ways to earn free bitcoin from Free bitcoin faucet; Free BTC, Referral Bonus, Weekly lottery, but stay away from Multiply BTC or try with caution.

Payout Method: Daily and transferred directly to your bitcoin wallet so long you have earned a minimum of 30000 satoshis.
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2) Moon bitcoin
Website name:
This is the second most rated bitcoin faucet currently. It is however my best because of it easy way of earning free bitcoins. You claim free bitcoins at 5 minutes interval, but unlike other faucets you may decide to leave it for long as you want to build up more bitcoin before you claim. This is so nice because it will allow you to carry face other daily activities while your bitcoins build up unlike other faucets that you have to stay and watch timer countdown to zero or reach suppose time for you to claim your bitcoin else it stays unclaimed. Not to mention you have to keep solving captcha after those strict short intervals to keep claiming your bitcoin otherwise your earning will be paused kind of.  This is so time consuming and annoying as you will be tied to it leaving you with no time to attend to other things you have for the day. This is why Moon bitcoin is good allowing you to do other things while your free bitcoin builds up for earning at your desired time. Not only that, there are lots of interesting features to enjoy; 

Daily bonus: This increases by one percent (1%) every day you visit the site and make claim. Each time you make claim, the percentage value (i.e. of daily bonus) of the amount of free bitcoin earned at the time of claim will be added to that amount of free bitcoin earned at that time. For instance, if you were claiming 300 satoshis and your daily bonus is currently 50%, the amount you will earn is 50% of 300 satoshis plus 300 satoshis which is equal to 450 satoshis. Daily bonus has a maximium of 100%. However, your bonus percentage will roll back to zero percent (0%) any day you did not visit the site. Meaning you will have to start building the bonus all again from scratch. So you have to be visiting the site at least one every day. That’s not much of a work I believe.

Referral Bonus: This also increases with the number of users referred by you. One referred user equals 1% bonus. Referral bonus has a maximium of 100%. Your referral bonus will also be added to the amount of free bitcoin earned at each claim as explained in daily bonus. In addition, you will get 50% of the amount of free bitcoin earned by your referred users anytime they claim bitcoin. Sounds nice right? This is the reason you have to refer people so you will be earning free bitcoin even when you are sleeping.

Mystery Bonus: This is randomly generated percentage at each time of claim. Just as daily and referral bonuses, it will be added to the free bitcoin earned at each time of claim. If you are a lucky person, you may be getting a high mystery bonuses each time you claim your bitcoin. You don’t work for mystery bonus. It has to do with luck. It was added to increase your earnings. Nice.
To simplify the whole explanation. If at the time of claiming 300 satoshis and your daily bonus, referral bonus and mystery bonus are 50% each. Then your total earn will be
50% of 300 satoshis = 150 (i.e. for daily bonus)
50% of 300 satoshis = 150 (i.e. for referral bonus)
50% of 300 satoshis = 150 (i.e. for mystery bonus)
150 + 150 + 150 + 300 = 750 satoshis (i.e. your total earn at that time). Interesting I guess.

Payout Method: Every Sunday/Saturday and transferred directly to your bitcoin wallet so long you have earned a minimum of 10000 satoshis.
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